Why Buy From Us?

Posted Friday, Dec 22, 2017

-We search nationwide to source the highest quality pre-owned vehicles at the best value for our clients

-Low overhead means we’re able to price our vehicles at or below market values, this means you don’t have to be a keen negotiator to get a great deal at Petrol Auto Sales

-Over 14 years of experience in the used car business means we have a sharp eye for quality cars, and steer clear of any cars that may have been neglected by their previous owners

-Over 10 years of experience in finance, dealing with a variety of lenders who serve all credit types, means we have the knowledge and relationships to offer competitive finance options for ALL credit types

-All our vehicles must pass a 52-point mechanical inspection prior to being offered for sale.  A copy of this report is available with every vehicle we sell

-We focus on value for our clients.  Before buying a vehicle we always consider what our customer will be getting for her money.  If it’s not a good value for our clients, we aren’t interested

-People are the most important part of our business.  Cars, trucks, and SUV’s are just the product.  We understand that there is no US without U, so we strive every day to offer our clients a great experience, focusing on transparency, honestly, and value for our clients.