What is Credit Union Direct Lending (CUDL)?

CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) can help you get a loan from a credit union instead of the dealership. Usually, people have no loan set up when they go into a dealership to buy a car. If you finance through the dealership, your loan may have a higher APR than what you would have at a financial institution. They might give you a lower interest rate, but for less time. If you ask the dealership if they are CUDL affiliated, however, then they will give you information about that credit union and can set up your loan right away. You will also have money left over to do upgrades on your car!

As an Authorized CUDL dealer, Petrol Auto Sales can help you get the best possible financing for your new vehicle. You can save time and apply below before coming in, so we can make your car buying experience as quick and easy as possible.